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User Guide

Getting Started Video Tour

New or need an overview? Start here first with our video guides.

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How Parents Add and Update

Set up your account for parents to add and maintain their own contact information.

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Sending Email

Create, send and track your email blasts.

15 articles

Signups and Volunteers

Manage all your volunteers and online signup sheets.

10 articles

Parent Portal

Manage access, customize and add sponsors.

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Tracking Membership

How to keep track of members.

6 articles

Online Store and Payment Tracking

Everything you need to know about your online and offline store

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Using the HTML Editor

A powerful editor to customize your account.

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Managing your data

How to manage family, faculty and class rosters as the administrator.

11 articles

Directory Printing and Reports

How to print your directory and admin reporting

6 articles

Importing and Exporting

Import steps and templates, exporting tools for reporting and analysis

12 articles

Account Management

Additional users, account activation, etc.

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What's New

Stay up to date on the latest features, new classes and more about MSA

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Frequently asked questions about our service.

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