Export to create custom classroom labels

The system comes with a classroom label feature that provides one label per family.  However, it doesn't select the youngest or oldest student specifically.  

If you need one label per family by the youngest student (or oldest) follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Admin / Export and select the Students for Administration and Download.  Note that we are using the admin export here because we want all the students, not just those that have opted into the directory.
  2. Open the file in Excel
  3. Remove all the fields you don't need.  Probably most of them...  Leave Family ID for the next step
  4. Sort by Family ID AND by Grade - smallest to largest
  5. Then go to Data and click on Remove Duplicates.  
  6. For Oldest student change the grade sort in step 4 to largest to smallest.

With this file you can then mail merge into Word to create labels or to create distribution lists by classroom.

Tip:  you can also use this to process to create labels for other purposes.  For example:  create labels for only families that are members by first filtering the exported data by the membership columns.