How to view, report and export lists of volunteers

Once you have active signups up and running, you'll want to see who has volunteered and if your spots are filled (or not).  This is particularly helpful when deciding if you need to reach out to parents for further help.

You can view and report on signup activity:

View who has volunteered

To view all the parents that have signed up for activities go to Signups 

  • Event Signup Stats:  An easy way to view what activities are filled (by percentage) and where you still need assistance.  You can search by a specific event or view where you have open spots that need to be filled.
  • View All Volunteers:  This view will display all parents that have signed up for activities.  You can search by parent last name, Event or a specific activity. 
  • Assign Volunteers:  search by a parent to view their signups AND remove or add them to additional activities.  

Export volunteer information

Throughout the application you'll find an export button at the bottom of lists.  Click this to download the information to an Excel spreadsheet.  Exports are a great way to slice and filter your signups any way you need them.

  • To get a list of all signups for a specific event, go to Manage Events , select  Edit / View for the event you want and go to the People Signed up tab
  • To get all signups across events and activities or use the filtering feature to find specific events, go to Track Signups and the View All Signups tab and filter as needed
  • To get just the stats for an event, go the Signup Stats tab.


To create PDF and hard copy reports of your volunteering information, go to Print and Report and click on Volunteers under the Membership / Volunteer Reports

  • Volunteer Signups:  sorted by activity, this report will show you all parent volunteers
  • Event Statistics:  super handy for meetings, this report will give you a quick view of the number of volunteers needed, the current count and what's still open.  You can also filter to just give you those that have open slots.
  • Signups by Event:  select one event or all to view volunteers by event and activity
  • Signups by Teacher:  this report will give you a listing, sorted by teacher, of parents that have (and haven't) signed up for any activity.  Handy when your school requires parent participation!