FAQ: Signups

Why isn't an event or activity displaying when I view as a parent?

Events and activities are controlled by 2 features:  dates and the "show" checkboxes.

For events:  Events will only display if today's date is between your Open and Close dates.  Edit your event and view the options under the Display Controls section.  Make sure that the "Show this Event" box is checked and the Open Date and Close Date are before and after today.

For activities:   Activities will not display after the activity date is passed.  Edit your activity by clicking on the yellow pencil.  Make sure the "Show this Activity" box is checked and the date entered is after today.

How do I easily view and test what a parent sees when they signup?

Using your accounts signup link is the quickest way to view as a parent.  

  • First add yourself as a parent to a family if you've not done so already.  Make sure you put in your email address.
  • Go to Account Settings / Signups / Activate and make sure your signups are activated.  
  • Copy the link provided under Account Settings / Signups / Website Link and paste into your browser.
  • Put in your email. 
  • Go to your email and click on the link provided in the message.

Can parents that aren't in my account (for example a grandparent) volunteer?

For a person to signup for an event they need to be a parent in your account.   Remember that a family can be a family with students at your school or just with parents only.  

What can I put on my school's website or Facebook to direct a parent to volunteer?

We encourage you to use the website signup link found under Account Settings / Signups /  Website Link  This link will allow a parent to put in their email and receive an email with a link to their personal signup page.

Can teachers volunteer?

Absolutely!  They have the same volunteer features that are provided for parents.  If you wish to signup a teacher in the admin portal, go to People / Faculty and from the Actions button click the option to signup.