What security features are built into your system?

We understand that parents are entrusting us with their family data and expect us to guard it like our very own.  Below is an overview of our system security. If you need further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

  • SSL Encryption:   Secure Socket Layer protection (SSL) is provided throughout the site, even on smart phones. (That familiar lock in the web address tells you it's secure.)    This ensures data cannot be captured during submission or  transfer
  • Password Encryption:  A unique email and password for administration and parent  access is required.  All passwords are encrypted so they  can't be viewed, copied or retrieved.
  • Annual access reset:  Our graduation process gives you the option to remove current parent and faculty access.  This ensures that users that have graduated or left the school can no longer access your directory.  Each year you'll grant access to parents and faculty.    Returning parents that had access last year will only need to reset their password.
  • Backups:  To eliminate the risk of losing data, we use 3 levels of backup: real-time, 8 hour delay and nightly.
  • You control access:  Unlike some systems that allow parents to self register to gain access, our solution lets you control who gets access.  You can give access to all parents in your account or limit by membership status.  The administrator "invites" parents into the system and can remove any parent they wish to exclude.  This gives you complete control.  
  • Secure servers:  The servers are located in a secured building protected 24/7 by armed security personnel.  In addition, the servers are protected from Brute Force entry with specialized software (RDPGuard) and strong usernames / password.  
  • Server access is restricted to our application's IP addresses.  This ensures that outside programs and "bots" trying to gain access to the database will instantly be rejected.
  • Privacy Policy:  We respect the privacy of all users and families, and  consider all data that is collected to be private.   Data is never sold, shared or otherwise used by us with the exception of use for internal data analysis purposes  or to assist you with upgrading or importing.   For complete details please review or Terms or Agreement, Privacy and Anti Spam  Policy here.