Customize your Parent Portal

Your home page is a great place to put information you wish to share with parents.  Because it's behind the system security, it's also a great place to put "private" information and links that you wouldn't put on a public website.

Go to   Parent Portal Setup 

  •  Web Home Page.  Put a custom message that will be viewed on computers and tablets.  You'll also find the Logo tab to add a logo that will display above the message
  • App Home Page  put a custom message that will display in the mobile app.

Tips for a Logo:  You can add a logo using the Logo page or insert a logo in your Home Pages for the most flexibility.  

Logo height and width recommendation:  there is no height restriction but we recommend no more than 350 px high and width 460 px maximum.  Remember that folks will be accessing this from all types of computer and tablets so what looks good on your big monitor at home may not look as good on an iPad.

Tip 1:   The logo feature will always place your logo above your home message.  If you would like more flexibility with images on your home page we recommend inserting your images in your web home message.

Tip 2:   Create buttons on your home page for quick touch navigation such as a website.  On your Mobile Homepage, add buttons for calling the school office or attendance line.  To set a phone number, use this format In the URL Field:  tel:8005551212.  To initiate an email, use this format in the URL Field:

Additional Examples: