Add sponsors and advertising

Sponsors can be used for both paid and non-paid ads or announcements.  These ads will appear on the right side of the directory in a columnar format.  In the mobile app, they will appear on the sponsor panel when the parent selects to view.

Add a sponsor

Go to Parent Portal Setup / Sponsors 

To add a new ad:  Click on the Add Sponsor Ad button to add a new ad and enter the following information:

  • Company Name - required field - this is the name of the company or internal name for the ad
  • Ad Title - the title will also appear as the link to this ad on the web or smartphone - enter a catchy title to encourage clicks.
  • Ad Text - 100 characters of text about your sponsor or link.
  • Website link -  enter the complete URL for your link.  Don't forget the "http://" before the "www" portion of your link.
  • Email Address -  enter the email address if applicable.  This is handy for those situations where you don't have a link but want contact via email.
  • Position -  this option will dictate what order the ad will appear in the list:  1 being highest.  If you leave all at 1 the secondary sort is alpha by title.
  • View on home, search or mobile app - tells the system where the ad should appear.  Ads can be on all or placed only on specific pages or in the mobile app.  This is helpful when you want to create custom ads for each display.
  • Ad Start and Expiration dates -  enter the start and stop dates for this ad to appear.  Both are required for the ad to appear to parents logging in. 

Tip:  The start and expiration dates are a handy way to rotate ads throughout the year or to set up all your ads to appear automatically.  For example:  if you need to promote an ad or activity in the spring, you can add the ad in the fall and set it to appear on February 1st.  You don't need to set yourself a reminder or worry about adding later.  Just put in all your ads for the year and the system will take care of the rest!.

As you add sponsors they will be added to the list.  You can quickly see the Home, Search, Start and Expiration dates to see which ad are appearing where and when.

Adding a logo is a great way for your sponsors to get noticed.  Once you've added the sponsor, select Add Logo from the Actions button on list.  This will pop up a window to upload an image.

Image size guidelines:  

  • Image max width should be 180px.
  • Square or rectangle are recommended.  Rectangle should by taller not wider.  
  • Logo only is best or logo above a tag line.  Many time the text is not very readable.  Use the text feature to add details about the service 

Tip:   We recommend that you ask your sponsors for a logo only.  Scanned business cards or other images with details are not easy to read and should be avoided.  If you don't have a logo, search the web for a suitable image that represents the company's business.  

We recommend as a great free resource for images.  Grab a car image for auto care or a house for a realtor.  Put your marketing hat on and have some fun!