Simple steps to go live

The following is an overview of the simple steps to going live with the online directory. Please refer to detailed articles for additional details:

  1. Customize your home page by adding a logo and welcome message. Go to Parent Portal Setup and add a message that your parents will see when they first login as well as a logo. Adding a logo personalizes the directory and the message can be used to welcome families, give contact details and add announcements.
  2. Customize your access email message. Welcome your families with your own message to include with the directory links and their temporary password. Go to Portal Accounts and Customize Email.
  3. Directory Viewing Criteria: Set the criteria for who can view the directory. Options include all parents, membership status or family confirmation status. Go to Account Settings / Parent Portal 
  4. Give Access. Go to Portal Accounts / Manage All and send login instructions to all parents and faculty that have not had a login account created.

Tip:  We recommend granting yourself access first as the administrator. That way you can view your message as well as the email text to ensure that it is what you wish your parents to see.