Viewing email delivery history

Once you've sent your email, you'll want to review your email send history.  There are several views available depending upon your needs.  First we can view what email batches have been sent or are scheduled to be sent.  Second we can view the history of email sent to specific individuals.  This is especially handy when you need to see why a parent isn't receiving email.

There are 2 types of history:

  • Sent or Scheduled email sent to a list. 
  • Delivery Log

Sent or Scheduled

Go to Email / Sent or Scheduled to view of all email sent or scheduled to a list of recipients.  This includes the date an email was added for sending, date and time scheduled to be sent (if applicable), subject, recipient list, number of emails sent and the actual date and time sent.

You'll also see what emails are in the queue and scheduled to be sent.  This is also where you can delete scheduled email.

Click on "View Email" to see the actual email sent and get a link to the email to post on your website, Facebook or wherever you wish to share.

Delivery Log

Here you can view the actual sent status to an individual email.  Use this feature to see if a parent is receiving email or if their email has bounced.  The email history shows all emails sent for the past 12 months.  

Email Type: 

  • General: sent using the Email Manager
  • Confirmation: sent using the Data Confirmation send email feature; includes a personal link to family data confirmation form
  • Access: sent using the Online Directory grant access feature; includes login instructions and personal temporary password


  • Delivered: indicates the email was successfully accepted by the associated email domain.  
  • Bounced: means the email was bounced and cannot be sent.  You should remove the email from the parent or faculty record.
  • Soft bounce: means the email was rejected due to temporary circumstances, such as a full inbox. 
  • Spam:  means that the parent reported an email send via the system as spam.  All other attempts to send email to the address will be rejected.
  • Rejected: means that the email recipients service rejected the email.  This typically means the email is invalid or the mailbox no longer exists.

Note:  SPAM - If you have an email that has reported you as spam please contact the sender first to ensure this wasn't done in error.  Then contact MySchoolAnywhere.  We can clear a parent's email address from the spam report one time.  However, please know our email reputation is damaged each time we are reported as spam.