Membership types

The system supports tracking membership for an individual in a family or the family in total:

  • Individual Memberships:  Typically used by PTA organizations or any time you want to track, report and export membership by parent, student or faculty specifically.
  • Family Membership:   Typically used by PTO organizations that collect money or dues from the family as a whole and do not track to each parent's individual membership status.

Note:  Some PTA organizations collect both individual and family memberships.  You can use both AND we provide an export specifically for reporting to the National PTA that will give you each parent across both family and individual membership.  However, please understand that you will be using 2 separate reports as you are tracking at both the parent AND the family level(s).  

If you are unsure which to use, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss what works best for your organization.