Exporting for PTA reporting

You can export your membership information to use for analysis, reporting and mail merge for thank you letters.  There are several options or places to export:

  • Go to Account Settings / Export Data.  There you'll find 2 options specifically for membership:
    • Individual Members:  this export will give you all parents, students and faculty members in one spreadsheet.  A column in the sheet will include a notation to indicate the type.
    • Family AND Individual Members:  this export is specifically for schools that record both parent and family memberships.  The export will provide individual parent names where the family is a member and individual names where only the parents specifically are members.
  • Go to the Membership / Individual or Family and select Yes from the Membership? dropdown.  You can filter by date joined as well as the membership category.  At the bottom of the list you'll find a button to Export Members to Excel.  Click on this button and the file will be automatically downloaded to the default download folder on your computer.

Tip:  Under the Admin / Export Data there are also options to export family or students for administration.  These exports include family and parent membership details as well as all the other family information.  If you are handy with Excel, these exports can also be used.  Download each option to review.