Searching for families, students and parents

There are many options for searching, depending upon your needs and the bits of information you have.  For example:  you may only have an email address and need to find a parent or you only have a student's first name.  

All searches can be found under the People option in the menu:  

Search for families

You can first search by last name.  This search will search the family last name only.  Click on More Search Options to view the other search criteria:

  • Confirmed:  has this family confirmed their data either via a confirmation email or by adding themselves to your account
  • Family Membership yes or no
  • Print Option:  has this family elected to be displayed in printed directories
  • Online Display:  has this family elected to be displayed in the online directory
  • Directories Ordered:  if printing, the number of directories ordered.
  • Last Updated start and end dates:  use this option to find families updated between entered dates.

Search for students

Great for review your class rosters.  Click on Students to view the following search options

Search for parents

Handy when all you have is a first name or a parent email!  Click on Parents to view the following search options