Getting rid of duplicate family records

Over the years, it's inevitable that some duplicates will be added to your account.  Because it is the only unique identifier, the email address is what the system uses to alert you or the parent that they are already in the system.  Typically a duplicate is added because the parent has changed email addresses and they have either added themselves again to your account or their data has been imported.

In this lesson we will review:

  • Reviewing the family list for duplicates
  • Running the potential duplicate reports

Reviewing the family list for duplicates

You can typically see your duplicates by reviewing the family list.  Go to People / Families and set the records per page to 100.  This makes it easy to review a lot of data at once.  

The example below shows a typical duplicate.  The last, student first and parent names are the same but the email is different.  In this example, the second record is the most recent as shown by the last updated date.  Also, the second record is confirmed.  To delete the first family, select Delete from the Actions dropdown.  

While not foolproof, using the names and the last updated and / or confirmed dates is a super easy way to weed your account of duplicates.

Duplicate Reports

Go to Print and Report and go to Administrative Reports at the bottom of the left hand menu. Select either Potential Duplicate Families or Students.  

The Families report compares the family last name and home phone to find potential duplicates.  The Student report looks for a match of last name, student first and grade for potential duplicates.

Print or review this report then go to People / Families to delete the family.