Adding students without contact information

Many schools wish to include students in their account and on the rosters even though parents have not added their contact information.  This is especially useful for elementary schools that want to include complete class rosters in their directory.  

This is easily done by the administrator:

  1. Select Add Family from the top menu - left hand side OR click the green Add Family button from the People / Families page.
  2. Add the last name - this is the student's last name
  3. Proceed to the next screen and add the student's first name, grade and teacher if applicable.  Click the Save Student Info button to save.
  4. Repeat above steps for all students you wish to add.

Tip:  You only need to add the students and save leaving all the other tabs blank.  The Display Options should only be used if you wish the student to display on the PRINTED class rosters ONLY.  Otherwise, do not check these boxes as it will exclude the student from all other displays.