FAQ: How parents add and update

Why does the system say it's not accepting entries?

You will get this message if you haven't activated Data Confirmation in your account OR if the end date on your activation page is earlier than today.

  • Go to Account Settings  / Data Collection
  • Check the Activate box
  • Enter the Start and Expiration dates.  Put the expiration date far enough out in advance to ensure it won't "close" the form too early.  

What happens if an active family in our account uses the link for new families?

If they put in a valid last name and email address, the system will prompt them to receive a confirmation email.  This helps dramatically cut down on duplicates in your account and makes it super easy for parents to confirm their data right from a link on your website.

Is the confirmation step required?

No.  While recommended in the annual "back to school" process each year, confirmation is not required.  Some schools upload data from a source that has already confirmed the information.  You can also give all your parents access and have them login to the system to update at any time. 

Can I print hard copy data confirmation letters for families without email?

We can do this for you offline.  Please contact us using the Contact link in the top right of the support center or sending an email to support @ myschoolanywhere.com.  

Does a family have to be confirmed to be viewed in the directory?

No.  The Display Options control whether or not a family is viewed in the directory.  The confirmation process is a convenient way for parents to update their information but does not control the display options.

Why can't families update their information while logged in?

If parents are unable to edit their family information from within the system, check your Defaults under Admin > Defaults.  Be sure the option to allows this has been checked.  This allows family edits while a parent is logged in from a web browser, but not the mobile app.