FAQ: Managing faculty data

Frequently Asked Questions about Faculty:

How do I manage teachers that teach multiple grades in the same classroom?

Some schools have teachers that teach more than one grade in their class.  Many refer to this as "split" classes.  To set this up in your account please do the following - we will use the example of a First and Second grade (1/2) split:


  • Go to Admin / Defaults / Active Grades and add the split grades.  Add 1/2 as the grade and "First and second grade" as the description.
  • Make the grade active
  • For grade order you would put the grade between 1 and 2
  • You may need to reorder the other grades to accommodate.  Simply edit the grades and change the order.  This order determines the order the grades will appear in the dropdown and the sort order for the class rosters.

Faculty Maintenance

  • Select the grade for the teacher from the grade dropdown.  In our example select 1/2.

Class Roster Maintenance

  • Select the teacher you want to assign students to.  
  • Select from the dropdown grade 1 and assign the appropriate students to this teacher.
  • Repeat for students in grade 2.

Note that your students should ALWAYS be assigned to their respective grades.  Only the teacher is assigned to the split.  You may choose to inactivate the split grade once you have assigned the teacher to ensure that no student is assigned to the grade.

How can I set up a classroom with 2 teachers or "team" teaching?

Many schools have classes that have a "team" of teachers.  This may be a job share situation or because of health reasons, etc.  To manage team taught classes do the following:

  • Create a faculty with their combined names for the last name.  For example let's say you have a two teachers Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Johnson.  Add a faculty with the last name of Brown / Johnson.  Put both names in as the last with a slash between and put in a first name of "team" or "share" depending upon how your school defines these.
  • Check to make this team a teacher to allow you to link students to the team.
  • Don't put an email in for the team as the system can only handle one email per email field.  
  • Lastly put in each teacher as a faculty member and don't check the teacher option as they will not be assigned students.  Add their specific contact information for email, phone, etc.