FAQ: Managing family data

Frequently Asked Questions about managing families:

How do I enter students of the same family with different last names?

Most schools today encounter blended and divorced families. The key to entering these families is to ensure that it's easy to find the student and the names of the parents are properly entered making it easy to contact them as well.
Create a family account for each given (last) student name living in the home.  Then, add family information in full or reference sibling(s) with different last names in the family display note.  
  • Enter full household information for each family.  If all students are entered in each account, students will appear multiple times in the system and on class lists.  
  • Enter full household information in one family and put a reference in the Family Display note (such as "see Smith Family") for the other student's family. Then leave all other household information blank for all but the main family entry. 

What does Primary Parent mean?

Primary Parent is the default parent in a family responsible for updating the family information.  This parent will receive the confirmation email in preparation for back-to-school each year. 

  • The primary parent can be assigned to Parent 1, 2, 3 or 4.  
  • Parents can located this field on the Primary Household tab.  
  • Administrators can locate this field on the family Details tab.

Online access:  Online directory access can be granted to all parents within a family. Some schools do this based on parent membership. Each parent (1, 2, 3 and 4) who has been granted access will receive their own login credentials and login instructions by email.

Sending email: The primary parent can be used as a default for general email communications but the default for all email is to send to all parents in the family.

Can parents share one email address?

No.  Each parent in a family must have a unique email address.  When there is only one email address for the family, you can link to only one parent.   

How can I move a parent's email address to a different parent?

Once an email address has been saved in the system, it is considered 'in use' and cannot be used by another parent in the same family.  If you attempt to move an email address from one parent to another, you will get the following message:  "Someone else from this school is using the same email address.  Please enter another one."

You need to first clear an email address before it can be used elsewhere. Here is how you do this:

1.  Cut the email from the current parent slot so it's temporarily stored in your clipboard.

2.  Save the family record. This clears that email from the locked 'in use' email list.

3.  Paste the email address into the new parent email slot and save again.