Adding individual contacts for email and volunteering

Many schools wish to include people in their account that are not school "families".  Primarily this is done to put folks on their email list, allow them to volunteer or pay via the store.  This is also a handy way to add your teachers as "parents" so they can volunteer.  

This is easily done by the administrator:

  1. Select Add Family from the top menu - left hand side OR click the green Add Family button from the People / Families page.
  2. Add the last name - this will be the last name of the contact
  3. Proceed to the next screen and click on the Household 1 tab and add Parent #1 first, last and email - you can also add any other additional information you wish to maintain.
  4. Go to Display Options and check the Don't Print and Don't Display Online boxes - this will hide the family from view.
  5. SAVE