Connect your online store to PayPal

Once you have your products created and you've gotten your PayPal account set up, it's time to connect them and open your store for business!

For the store to be accessible to parents via the parent portal or email links, it must first be activated.  Activating will enable the store link to appear in the online and mobile menus and allow parents to use the email or direct links to access.

  • Activating your online store
  • Using the website store link

Activating your Online Store

To activate your shopping cart go to  Account Settings / Store

  1. Check the activate box
  2. Enter your PayPal Business email. Click Save when you are done.

Website Store link

In the same menu, you'll see Website Link.   When a parent or faculty uses this link they will be prompted for their email address.  If their email is in your account, they will then be taken directly to your online store.  This is a Super handy way to put a link to your store on your website, share on Facebook or Twitter.

Remember that you can send parents or faculty directly to your store via the Email Blast feature in MSA.  This direct link is best used on your website.

Important:  make sure you copy the complete link when sharing, including the school code after the "?cart="