Add products to your store

Products are the "foundation" for tracking online payments.  You can sell any type of product such as membership, defined contributions, donations, spirit wear, etc.  There is also no limit to the number of items you can sell.

Go to  Store / Manage Products The form is organized by tabs:


  • Item Name: This is the title of the item as it appears in your cart. Make sure you make this unique for each item making it easy to report.
  • Item Type:  the system support general, membership and donation product types. Please go HERE for details on how each works and affects the cart.
  • Item code: This code is required and will appear in your PayPal account in the purchase details. 
  • Price: The price of the item
  • Name:  what name will you REQUIRE to be entered when purchasing this item:  parent, student or none.  If either parent or student is required, a dropdown will be available to the user when purchasing and they will be required to choose to add to cart.
  • Sort Order: What order this item will appear in your cart.
  • Hidden?  checking this box will hide this item from view in the cart.  A handy way to turn items off an on.


  • The Name option for a parent or student name is super helpful if you need to track a purchase to the individual and very important for membership tracking.  Use the Student name required for general products if you distribute goods by class.  By requiring a student name, all purchases for that product can be viewed by class (teacher) or by grade.  Conversely, if you don't need a name, leave as None.  All purchases are tracked to the family automatically.
  • Give the product a unique code for your store that is different from a shopping cart you may have on your website.  This way it's really easy to see what products were purchased in this cart when viewing in PayPal.


  • Short Description:  displays in the cart list
  • Long Description:  displays below the full image when showing the product details
  • Enable Buyer Memo:  if checked a field will display in the cart allowing your buyer to add additional information.  For example:  you may be selling a custom tile for a memorial wall and want the parent to denote the text for the tile.  
  • Buyer Memo Instructions:  if you are asking for additional information let your buyer know what you want them to add by putting in instructions here
  • Buyer Option #1 and #2:  this will appear if the product is a General type.  Add a label and Set the options for purchase.  For example:  Choose a Color for your label and Blue, Green, Red for the options.
Inventory Control
  • Check to enable inventory control in the cart.
  • Qty Available:  the total available for sale
  • Qty Sold:  the total sold.  This number will increase as a product is purchased.