Understanding product types

Product types have an effect on both how the store works for the user as well as how transactions are processed:

Membership product types:  Use this product type if you are collecting membership in your shopping cart. 

  • Family is typically used by PTO organizations.  
  • Parent and Student for PTA and PTSA organizations.
  • Faculty is for noting faculty membership
  • New! You now have the option to set any product to allow purchasers to adjust the price. This was designed with memberships in mind as some parent organizations allow parents to set their Membership contribution amount.

General product types:  general product types are best for things like spirit wear, tickets, etc.  When you choose a general product type the Options tab will display the Buyer Option fields.

Donations:  if an item has a Donation type, the price field becomes editable to the purchaser.  Using this type also allows donation product grouping for reporting purposes. 

Printed Directory:  use this product type if you sell printed directories separate from membership.  Note that you can set a default directory quantity for any membership product.  Both with update the family account for the quantity purchased.  


  • Membership types control AUTOMATIC membership tracking.  Make sure you select this type when collecting membership.
  • The Name option for a parent or student name is super helpful if you need to track a purchase to the individual and very important for membership tracking.  Use the Student name required for general products if you distribute goods by class.  By requiring a student name, all purchases for that product can be viewed by class (teacher) or by grade.  
  • When using a Donation type, we recommend putting in a recommended price to "nudge" them in the right direction!
  • New! All products now have the option of allowing purchasers to edit the price. This can be helpful for Membership products. 


  • Membership products will only appear to the appropriate purchaser in the store.  If a person is accessing the store as faculty, they will only see facutly membership products.  If a person is accessing the store as a parent, they will not see faculty membership products but will instead see any family, parent or student products.