Test your online store with PayPal

Before going "live" you MUST test your shopping cart to ensure that your MSA account and PayPal account are properly connected.  

Testing Tips:

  • Have at least one product with a small dollar amount (75 cents works) to run your test. 
  • Make sure you are a parent in the system with your email.
  • When testing the cart through to PayPal, log out of your account and open a NEW browser window. Processing a cart transaction will automatically end your MySchoolAnywhere admin session. You must log back in to see the transaction.

4 ways to test the cart

There are several ways a parent can get to your online store.  Use one of the options below to ensure your store is set up properly.

  1. Use your direct access website store link (easiest)
  2. Via email with the cart link embedded. (easy)
  3. Via a data confirmation email.
  4. By logging in to the online directory as a parent

1.  Use your website store link:

  • Login to your admin account and go to Account Settings / Store / Website Link
  • Copy the link provided and past into a new browser tab
  • Enter your email address (you MUST be entered as a parent or faculty in your account to proceed)
  • Click Go and you'll proceed to your online store.

2.  Via email with cart link:

  • Create an email with the shopping cart link embedded  details here
  • Click on the link to be taken directly to the store.
  • Proceed to add an item to your cart, checkout and pay. 

3.  Via the data confirmation email:

  • Create an email with the Data Confirmation link  details here
  • Click on the link and go to step 5 and save and confirm.
  • You'll now be on your shopping cart page. 
  • Proceed to add an item to your cart, checkout and pay.  

4.  Online directory (either online or mobile):

  • Login to the online directory as a parent (access to the directory is required)
  • Click on the Visit our Store link in the TOP menu on the home page.
  • Click the "continue to the secure store" and proceed to add an item to your cart, checkout and pay.  

Review the successful transaction

  • Check PayPal to make sure it was posted by doing the following:
    • Check your email for the PayPal receipt of the "payer" (yourself) 
    • Have you or your treasurer log in to your PayPal account and check on the activity page to see the receipt of payment.
  • Login to your MSA account and go to Store / Review Sales page.  Your transaction should display here.