Printing a booklet

Booklet printing is defined as a book that is 8 1/2" by 5 1/2" - basically a standard piece of paper on it's side, folded.  

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Booklet Formatting versus Printing

When you view reports and select the Booklet option the report  will appear as very large text on “legal” size paper. This is normal. The PDF program (such as Adobe Acrobat©) used by your printing service will automatically center the text on the sheet, and the large pages are scaled (shrunk) to fit the printable area.   What this means is that the formatted document / PDF will not be your "final" print. The printing will actually be 47% smaller and flipped on it "side".

Your print shop will combine your files, fold, and staple or bind the double-sided pages, resulting in a single book with correct pagination. 

Booklet Word templates

Important: Below are templates you can use for other documents to include.  Again, you'll find them to be legal size. with large font.

Creating your final directory will require combining multiple files from the directory reports, Word documents and other pages you may create.  Below are samples for booklet printing specifically.  Remember, booklets are formatted to as legal size so that when they are shrunk, they will fit a booklet and still be readable.  ALL your directory documents will be shrunk so any Word documents must meet the same standards.

CLICK HERE to download the Booklet 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 template

Adobe Acrobat Resources

Adobe has some terrific free resources including this section in their help center that you will find helpful:

We highly recommend that you download the free Adobe Reader© on your computer. (You can find this at  Then follow the steps below to do a quick test of how our booklet formatting works when printing.

Test print a booklet report

Once you've installed Reader on your computer do the following to get a better feel for how booklet printing works:  

  • Go to Print and Report and select Booklet under Directory Reports.  Select any one of the reports and Preview then SAVE to your computer.
  • Open the saved report in Adobe Reader.
  • Go to Print, then select “booklet printing” under the Page Scaling option. You will then see how the document will print. You can use this to test print your pages.

Video Overview

The video shows how reader converts a file to booklet.   

Note that it shows our desktop application but the concept is the same.