Customize your access email message

You can customize the email message that will be sent to parents and faculty along with their temporary password and access links for the online directory.

Go to Portal Accounts / Customize Email 

  • From Email address:  This is the sender email address parents will see and will be used when they hit reply to the email.
  • From Name:  this defaults from your account name.  Change if you want to have the email come from a specific individual on your team.
  • Subject:  Keep this simple and direct.  Example:  "School Directory: Your Access and Instructions for the XX school"
  • Message:   Edit your message using the message editor.  We've provided some sample text below that you can paste in.  

Save your message. 

Sample Message:   Download this file for sample text for your email message

Tip:  Login access links and the temporary password will AUTOMATICALLY appear below your message.  Do not include the links in your message.