New family Registration Link and Join Code

Your account comes with a unique page that allows new families to enter their data online.  Parents can get to this page via your account's Join Code or by using the website link.  While for new families only, if family already in your account uses this link and puts in a valid last name and email, they can receive an email with their private confirmation link.


  • To get the link go to Account Settings / Data Collection / Activate  
  • Click the box to activate.  Dates will appear below along with your link.
  • Enter start and expiration dates.  This is the "window" your link will be active.  For schools using the online directory keep this window open all year.  If you are printing only you may want to close this window after you print.

Note:  Your trial account should already be activated.  If not, activate to go to the next step.

Create your Join Code

The join code is super for all your printed material.

  • To get the link go to Account Settings / Data Collection / Join Code & Website Link
  • Click on Create a Join Code
  • Enter a unique code for your school and save.  The code must be at least 6 digits and less than 20.  Keep it simple and easy to remember!  
  • The code will display on this page 

Testing a new family entry

  • Go to and put in your code and click Accept Invitation.  This should take you to your new family entry page.  
  • Add a test family and Save your entry
  • Log back into your administration account and view the submission by going to People / Families to Accept
  • The record will display for you to accept which will make the family active in your account.

The website link takes you directly to your new family entry page without having to enter the code.  This link is recommended for websites or by more technical users that understand web links.

Important:  The link displayed on your account page is your exact link.  When sharing this link with your webmaster or others, make sure that the complete link is used, including the school code after the "?fam=" or the link will not work.  Also make sure you TEST after putting on your site!

Making your Join Code or website link available to families

Join Code recommended:

  • Send in an "all school" email:  provide the link to your school or communications coordinator to send in email blasts separate from the system.  Most schools have a student information system or listserv that can send email to all parents of attending students.  
  • Printed flyers:  put the Join Code and on printed flyers and back to school material.  We've provided a sample for you in our sample documents articles noted below.

Website link recommended:

  • On your website:  give the Direct Link to your webmaster for inclusion on your website.  Use the handy share via email to send to them.
  • Post on Twitter:  You can use either the Join code and join link or your direct link.  For the direct link click on the share link for Twitter.  You can change the text as you wish and post.  You must login to your Twitter account when posting.
  • Post on Facebook:   You can use either the Join code and join link or your direct link.  For the direct link, click on the share link for Facebook.  This will open a new window on Facebook with instructions.