Account Defaults

Account Defaults can be found in the Account Settings menu by clicking Defaults.

There are 3 default settings that have an effect on your account and how / what parents see when updating or entering information.

  1. Hide Student Details:  by default this option is checked to Yes.  Student details are student phone and student email.  Most schools hide these fields from view or entry.  If unchecked, the phone and email fields will display to the parents and administrators when adding or updating student information.
  2. Hide Teacher Selection:  this controls whether the teacher dropdown is available to parents when entering or updating their student data. It also controls whether the dropdown is available when searching for students in the online directory.  
    1. For middle and high schools that don't maintain class rosters, this is typically checked.  
    2. For elementary schools, uncheck if you would like parents to have the ability to edit your student's teacher.
  3. Online Store:  During Store checkout, you control whether purchasers have the option to pay by check or cash.  If allowed, when chosen, purchasers generate a paper invoice to send in along with their payment. At the top of this invoice can appear a custom instruction to guide purchasers on whom to write their check payable to and how to delivery their payment.  

Additional system options are available for your Parent Portal. These are also found in Account Settings under Portal Settings.

  1. Allow Parents to Update?: Do you want to allow parents the ability to update their data when logging in to the directory?  Most schools will check this option.  However, some schools that feed MySchoolAnywhere with information from another system may choose to have a tighter control on their data.
  2. Allow Parents to Print?:  Most allow parents to print the grade and classroom lists.  However, if you are hosting sponsor ads, you may consider turning printing off to encourage folks to login.