Best practices for sponsor advertising

Your school directory can be a source or money for your parent association.  Think about it.  Your parents are a very specific target demographic and one that local dentists, tutors, realtors, etc would love to get in front of.  Many of our schools make money with their directory - a lot of money!  However, it does take some work and putting your marketing hat on.  

Encourage all parents to register

Advertisers like "eyeballs".  This means the more parents that login to your account, the more valuable your advertising space is to your sponsors.  Many schools focus on members only.  While we understand this may be a great way to get more members, you are limiting the number of parents who login.

Do the math.  Can you make more money off the sponsors paying for access to ALL parents or is membership the big fundraiser?  Only you can decide.  But understand that your advertisers will pay more money for more "eyeballs".

Think "holistically" with your advertising

Many of our schools include directory ad space along with other advertising opportunities throughout the school year.  For example:  you could create different levels of sponsorship with the highest getting both the online directory ad and one ad a month in your weekly email blast or their name on the jog-a-thon tshirt.  

We recommend you list out all the places you could use sponsors throughout the school year and come up with  plan (keep is super simple) that gives your sponsors flexibility and opportunity.

Types of companies to solicit

Your sponsor targets should be local businesses that cater to families with kids:  tutors, orthodontists, realtors and summer camps should be at the top of your list.  

Get an "anchor" sponsor

Consider finding a primary or "anchor" sponsor to provide the bulk of your monies.  Just as a mall has an anchor store with a big name and the smaller stores that fill in the rest, give that sponsor home page directory acknowledgement and maybe a shout out in the email that gives parents access.  Then add the other sponsors on the search pages.  

Show them a sample directory

Send your sponsors to our demo directory page.  It includes a demo login account.  This way they can see how the system works and get a good idea of where the ads are placed.

Here is the link: 

Sample flyer with pricing

Click here to view a sample flyer with ad pricing .  The pricing is a general guideline for what we see many schools charging.  Change to meet the demographics of your school and neighborhood.