Using the website signup link for parents to volunteer

Your website signup link allows active parents in your account an easy way to signup for events and activities from your website without having to login.  This link is unique to your school.   

Note: Only parents with an email in in your account can use this link.  They will be asked to enter their email address.


  • You first need to activate the signup feature.  Go to Account Settings / Signups / Activate
  • Click the box to activate the feature. 

Test the link

  • Go to Account Settings / Signups / Website Link and copy the link
  • Use the share feature to email the link to yourself OR copy and paste the link in a new browser window.  To copy highlight the ENTIRE link, right mouse click and select Copy.  Paste into your browser.
  • Enter your email address and submit.  Note that you need to be in the account as a parent to test.  
  • Check your email.  

Note:  The link displayed on your account page is your exact link. This is the link for your website, emails and flyers. For security reasons this link is converted when you paste into a browser. DO NOT use the link displayed AFTER you paste into the browser on flyers or emails. It will not work.

Making your link available to families

  • On your website:  give the link to your webmaster for inclusion on your website. Here is an example:
  • Post on Twitter:  click on the share link for Twitter.  You can change the text as you wish and post.  You must login to your Twitter account when posting.
  • Post on Facebook:  click on the share link for Facebook.  This will open a new window on Facebook with instructions.