Sending a data confirmation email

When it's time to refresh and update your school's account for the new school year, there is nothing easier than sending an email with the confirmation link.  Parents just click on the link in the email to confirm their family information for the new school year.  No need to login.  

Creating a confirmation email is the same as creating any standard email blast.  The difference is in a confirmation email, you'll use the Link and Merge Tag feature to add a private link.  

Tip:  For best results, please review the Sending Email overview for a primer on email.  Also take a look at the email samples article for some templates to get you started.

Compose your email message

Go to Email / Compose to create a new email or edit an existing email blast and do the following:

  1. Put in your text and place your cursor where you want the link to appear.  (Click here for sample text)
  2. From the Merge Tags and Links dropdown, select Data Confirmation Link. 
  3. Your link will automatically be placed where you put your cursor

Tip:  Let parents confirm, pay and signup all from one email.  Add 3 sections, each with their respective links.  

Sending your confirmation email

Go to Email / Edit and Send.  First you'll want to send a test to yourself or others on your team by using the Sent to Selected Parents option. 

When you are ready to send to all parents, from the Send to button click on Select a List.  From the dropdown select Data Confirmation.

You'll be presented with the following options to choose from:

  • All families: best for the first time you send.  This will send an email to all parents regardless of family confirmation status.
  • Families not confirmed:  when you want to follow up with parents that have not yet confirmed.
  • Not previously sent:  to follow up with new families you have added or imported and have not yet gotten an email to confirm.
  • Confirmed but opting out of print and only:  to confirm with families that have opted out.  This is recommended before you go to print to ensure no one is accidentally left out.

Note:  You can only make one selection when sending data confirmation type emails. 

Send to All Parents or Primary Only?

When sending informational email it's always best to send to all parents.  However, with the data confirmation process doing so may cause confusion as we are asking parents to update the family data and not just their own parent information.  We really don't need to bother all parents unless the primary isn't responding.

What do we suggest?  When sending the first time to all families, select Primary Only.  Second or follow up emails can be sent to All Parents for Families Not Confirmed.  This way, if the primary parent is either not responding or incorrectly marked, all parents will get notification.

Send now or schedule for later?

If you are ready to send immediately choose the Send Now option to get the emails to their inbox.  

The schedule feature is super handy for setting up your follow up emails to families that haven't confirmed.  Just create your follow up email(s) and select families not confirmed.  Schedule for a week following the initial blast and then maybe one last followup.   The system will take care of the rest!