How sales are linked to the family, parent and students

ALL purchases made are automatically tied to the family or faculty by default.  This is because the buyer is going to the store via a direct link in an email or they have logged in.

In addition, you may also want to track purchases specifically to a parent or student.  This is super handy for items like yearbooks, classroom donations or any other "products" you want to ensure is credited or deliverable to the student.   

  • When you add a product you will be asked if you require a Name.  The default is none for general products and family membership.  For parent membership it's parent and for student membership it's student.
  • If a name is required, a dropdown from the family record will display the student or parent name appropriately.  The purchaser MUST select one to add to cart.
  • After successful purchase, the name noted will be displayed along with the other information about the product purchased.  In addition, when a student is required, you can also view purchases by grade and classroom.
  • If the product is a membership type, then the appropriate student, parent or family membership status will be updated.