FAQ: Online store and payment tracking

What type of PayPal account do I need?

The system requires a Business account.   Don't know if you have a business account? Please go to PayPal and your profile page to find out.

Do you charge us for the store?

No.  The only charges you will incur are from PayPal.  Check out their non-profit pricing as you'll find it very competitive with other online payment processors.

Can teacher pay via the store?

Yes!  This is a new enhancement as of spring 2016.  

Why don't I see Faculty Membership Products in the Store?

Membership products will only appear to the appropriate purchaser in the store.  If a person is accessing the store as faculty, they will only see facutly-type membership products.  If a person is accessing the store as a parent, they will not see faculty membership products but will instead see any family, parent or student products.

Why isn't the transaction from PayPal showing up in my MSA account?

When a payment is made, PayPal sends an IPN (instant payment notification) message to MSA with the payment details. MSA verifies this IPN message and if everything is OK, it puts the cart and sales information in your Sales log found under Store / Review Sales. If for some reasons (due to an error or a downtime) the PayPal server hasn't answered to our request to verify the transaction (i.e. we don't know if the IPN message has been legit or not), the order will not be posted back to MSA. 

If the transaction is going through PayPal but not returning to your account check the following:

  1. Make sure your account is a business account.
  2. Make sure you have validated the email with PayPal. Otherwise, PayPal will process transactions but mark them as "pending" and our store will not update your account (only "Completed" transactions are processed).
  3. Log into your PayPal account and find the Selling Preferences setting (should be under Profile and Settings). Then click the Instant Payment Notification preferences link and click the Choose IPN Settings button. Make sure that the Receive IPN Messages radio button is checked. 

Do my parents need a PayPal account to purchase?

No, however, this is controlled in your PayPal account.  When you set up your account you can require an account or open to all credit card purchases.

We don't use PayPal, do you support other processors?

We understand that PayPal is not the only solution out there.  If you want to use another cart or payment option you can do the following:

  1. Go to the PayPal set up in Administration / Tools and click on the PayPal button.
  2. Click on the Activate tab.
  3. Select activate and put in a "dummy" email address such as noreply@myschoolanywhere.com 
  4. Click on the Cart Message tab and add text and a link to your shopping cart solution.
  5. DO NOT add products. 
What does this do?   When a parent goes to your shopping cart page they will only see the message displayed and the link to your external cart.  

How can I allow my parents to pay by check?

While we want to encourage online payments, some folks still prefer to pay by check.   The checkout page is automatically set up with a Pay by Check button.  This will create a printable invoice that they can return with payment.  It also puts a record found under Store / Open Invoices so you can track who has promised to pay.

Getting error "seller accepts encrypted payments only"

This error is displayed because your PayPal Account Profile is set to only accept payments from "encrypted" buttons.  However, the MySchoolAnywhere Paypal code is not encrypted. 

You will need to turn off the encrypted website payments restriction in your PayPal account.  Don't worry, you data is still save and this will not affect the security of your account in any way. 

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.  
  2. Click the More option and select Settings.  
  3. Click My Selling Tools
  4. Under Selling online click Update beside Website Preferences.  
  5. In the Encrypted Website Payments section, select Off.  
  6. Click Save.