Sending a signup email

Sending an email with a direct link to the parents personal signup page is a super easy way to get parents to volunteer.

Creating a signup email is the same as creating any standard email blast.  The difference is in a signup email, you'll use the Link and Merge Tag feature to add a private link to the parent's signup page.  

Tip: You can use the signup link on any email.  You can even create one email with the signup, confirmation and store links.  This is really effective at "back to school" time!

Compose your email message

Go to Email / Compose to create a new email or edit an existing email blast and do the following:

  1. Put in your text and place your cursor where you want the link to appear.
  2. From the Links and Merge Tags dropdown select Signup Link. 
  3. Your link will automatically be placed where you put your cursor

Sending your email

Go to Email / Edit and Send.  First you'll want to send a test to yourself or others on your team by using the Sent to Selected Parents option.  When you are ready to send to all parents, from the Send to button click on Select a List.  Send to the group you want to reach such as all parents or only a grade or class.

Tip:  Tired of just the usual suspects volunteering?  Send to all parents (default) and not just the primary.  You'll be surprised at how many dads want to help.

Send to those that have (or haven't) signed up

The system keeps track of who has signed up for activities.  This is handy when you want to reach out for a follow-up, thank you or are calling a meeting.  You can also send to parents that haven't signed up for an event or specific activity.  Use when you are short of volunteers and don't want to bother those that already took actions. 

From the dropdown select Signups:

  • Events and activities:  active volunteers.  This will send to those signed up.
  • Events and activities:  parents not signed up.  This will send to any parents who've not yet signed up.