Steps after import

Once your data has been uploaded, you now have a populated account for your directory, email blasts and more.

Steps after you've reviewed your import:

  1. (Optional) Add teachers if not uploaded.  This is an optional step but should be done if you are confirming data in step 2.  This way, you can ask parents to edit their student's information and assign teachers at that time.
  2. (Optional) Send out a confirmation email to parents to have them review and / or update their data for the directory.  The step depends upon whether or not you have authorization to use the data for the directory and / or you need to confirm with families.  If the imported data is from an authorized source, then this step can be skipped.
  3. (Optional) Build and / or complete your class rosters.  The import process doesn't connect your students with their teachers.  While many of your parents may have done this, you won't have 100%.
  4. Go "live" with the online directory and / or print.