Using signups to build custom email lists

The signup feature works really well for creating parent groups that you can use to send email.  

Go to Signups / Manage Events:

  1. Create an event and call it "email groups" or anything else you wish.  Don't check the "Show Event" box if you wish to keep the list "internal".  This controls if the parent sees the item in the list of active events, along with the date open and close.
  2. Add "activities" for each group you want to send to.  For example: create an activity called Room Parents.  You don't need a date or time for this.
  3. Go to Assign Volunteers to find the parents you want to link to the event / activity and add them.  

When you go to send an email to a list, select from the Signups dropdown and select the event then the activity.  The system will automatically find all those parents linked.