Trouble logging in as an administrator?

MySchoolAnywhere is a web-based application that works in your favorite browser. There are a number of local internet, network, and web-related factors that can impact your connection to our servers.  If you're having difficulty accessing or can't log in to your account, take a look at the troubleshooting tips below.

Login Credentials

If you're having trouble logging in to your account and you've logged in before, try out the suggestions below.
  • If you forgot your password, use the I forgot links on the login page. The Forgot Password option will send an email and reset your password. 
  • The password is case-sensitive, so check to make sure that the correct capitalization was used. 
  • When entering your email and password on the login screen make sure there are no extra spaces included before or after the text.

Browser and Security Settings

Because MySchoolAnywhere is a web-based application, there are a few things related to your browser and system settings that could prevent you from logging into your account.
  • Log in through a different browser than the one you're currently using. If you're able to log in successfully, clear your cache and cookies in the original browser. 
  • Make sure you use the most recent stable release version of a compatible browser. We can't promise full support for beta or developer versions.   
  • Consider using Chrome as your default browser.  While the system will work on all browsers, Chrome is the fastest and most stable of all.
  • Make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser. 
  • Your browser needs to have cookies turned on. The system uses session cookies to help our website remember page and data changes made as you move from page to page. 
  • Remove browser add-ons or plugins, which can block cookies from being stored in your browser and prevent you from successfully logging in to the application.

Program looping back to the login page

If you experience the program looping back to the login page either after you login or within the application it typically indicates you need to clear your cache.  Follow these instructions to clear your cache based upon the specific browser you are using: 
  • For Safari: select Reset Safari from the menu 
  • For Chrome: go to the menu and select History - select Clear History 
  • For Firefox:   
  • For IE: go to Tools and Internet options. In the popup window under Browsing History click on the Delete button. This will then ask you what you want to clear. Check Cookies and History. 
You can also go a quick Google search and get specifics for the browser you are using.

Connection Issues

Make sure you are working from on a stable internet connection and the connection is not being blocked.
If log in from free WiFi spot, such as a coffee shop, restaurant, or sandwich shop, the connection could be blocked.  You may also find the site blocked at your workplace.   These places often have restrictions on the types of websites you can use, or have unwritten time limits that may end your session abruptly. Some even turn off their WiFi coverage during lunch-rush hours.

Account Status

Certain account statuses can also cause issues when logging in to your account.
  • Has your account been activated? When you signed up, an email was sent with an activation link that we use to verify your email address. If that activation link was not clicked, your login credentials won't be active.
  • Your account may be closed or deactivated.