About scheduled phone support

We provide unlimited support via email for all our customers, but all one-on-one phone support must be scheduled.  Scheduled phone calls will be initiated by our support team once we've made email contact to ensure we understand your question. 

We do our best to respond to every email within just a few hours of receiving it. We also make sure a knowledgeable MySchoolAnywhere specialist answers every email.  In addition, we provide this extensive knowledgebase with articles, videos and free online web classes.

We do not outsource our support overseas or employ unqualified support staff.

Our team is at work Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST and we always check in throughout weekends and holidays.  You can email us now by clicking on the Contact link above and we can set up a call.
Why do we limit support to online communication, scheduled calls and free web classes?
Keeping support primarily online lets us keep our pricing low while maintaining a feature-rich, and ever improving, application with great technical support. Focusing on online support channels allows us to scale our support and dedicate resources to constantly improving and innovating our service.
We've also found that online support lets us provide a fantastic experience for an online application like MySchoolAnywhere. Thanks to having online support, we're able to automatically gather technical information to research and troubleshoot problems effectively. This also lets us link to, and rapidly improve, our online educational resources to get the most out of our service.