FAQ: Directory Printing and Reporting

Can I customize the reports?

We've built MSA to be easy to use for even the most "non-techie".  In that spirit, all reports are fixed as PDF files and are not customizable within the application.  

However, you can easily convert these files to a Word format and change to your heart's content.  Save the PDF file and go to  www.smallpdf.com Select PDF to Word and follow the steps.  Then make any changes you wish such as font and color, custom header and footer, etc.

Can I save as Word?

As mentioned above, go to www.smallpdf.com after you've saved the PDF.  This tool will save your file as a Word document with no loss of formatting.

Does your company print for us?

We do not print directories.  The software is built to provide PDF files that are "print ready" that can be taken to any local print shop.