Image Tips

We get a lot of questions about resizing, cropping and general questions about images. There are some really great online photo editing and hosting sites to help you work with images. 

  • Picmonkey for Image resizing and cropping
  • Convert a PDF to an image
  • Linking to an image on your school's website or any site

PicMonkey for Image resizing and cropping:

Go to:  This free site makes it really easy to crop and resize your image.  

Click Edit from the home page and upload your image and have fun!  Here is a quick video on how to use this site:

Convert a PDF to an image:

To display a PDF in your email it needs to be converted to an image first.  If you were sent a PDF, you will need to convert to a jpg or png and then use the "Insert Image" feature to embed in your email.  This is not something unique to MSA but standard protocol on the web.    

Here is a handy site to do this.   Small PDF:  Its also a great site for working with all your PDF files when you go to your print shop!

Linking to an image on your school's website or any site

Many school sites host a logo for your school in the website banner.  You can use that link if it's securely hosted (link starts with https).  

  1. Right mouse click on the image and you'll get a menu.  If there is an option to "Copy image address" you can link to the image.
  2. Click the Copy image address option
  3. Test by opening a new browser window and pasting the image.  It should display.
  4. Now use that link following the steps in the video on how to insert images here