April 2016: Upgraded sales tracking, offline payments and more

This week, we launched quite a few improvements to sales management, sales tracking, membership and work flow.  Pay close attention if you've used the online store, the fundraising feature or membership as we have significantly improved the process!


  • All money received is tracked and recorded in one place - your store
  • Offline sales recording and improved sales visibility
  • Updated membership tracking for offline sales
  • Improved family entry for administrators - quick add and improved workflow
  • Updated family edit form for improved visibility
  • Menu Changes - Fundraising and Shopping Cart are replaced with Store

Where is the Fundraising Data?

For those of you that used the fundraising feature - it's still there.  Go to Store / Add a Sale you'll see a button at the bottom of the page that says "Switch to Fundraising".  Click here and you'll see the funds you've entered and the ability to add additional.  

NOTE:  If you wish us to convert your fundraising data to Store transactions let us know.  We encourage you to check out the new Store feature for adding offline sales.