April 2016: NEW Join code makes it super easy for families to add themselves

Today we added a new feature called the Join Code.  It's a really easy way for parents to get to your custom new family page to join your account.  All you do is create a unique code for your account and send parents to  join.myschoolanywhere.com to enter the code.  This takes them to your custom family entry page for new parents to enter and returning parents to request a confirmation email.

Here's a quick demo:  go to join.myschoolanywhere.com and put in the code "myschool".  

The Join Code is really handy for:

  • Printed flyers - no long links or mistyped addresses.  
  • Back to school night - parents can easily type in the link on their phone and put in your code.  
  • Anywhere or when you need to direct someone to your account.  

Tip:  If you've been using the Direct Link on your website it still works and there is no need to change.   We recommend you use the join code for all other uses as it's just so darn easy!

How to activate your Join Code

Go to Admin / Data Collection 

  • Click on Create a Join Code
  • Enter a unique code for your school and save.  The code must be at least 6 digits and less than 20.  Keep it simple and easy to remember!  
  • The code will display on this page.
  • Go to join.myschoolanywhere.com and put in your code to test it out.