Back to School Resources

We've got all the resources you need to get your account ready for the new school year. 

Back to School Class  

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We will take you step by step through the Back-to-School guides and answer any questions you have.  Topics include the graduation process, sending the data confirmation email and how to collect new families coming into your school.  We'll also review how to integrate your online store with the data collection process.  

Can't make a class?  No problem.  Please watch a recorded class here:

Back to School Guides  

Our interactive Back to School Guides will take you through each step in preparing your system and community for a new school year. Our guides break the process down into two phases including the following highlights. 

Tip:  Find your Step-By-Step Guides in the blue menu of your Admin portal, to the right of the home icon. 

Phase 1 - Spring: Plan ahead and Prepare your account and review procedures. 

This phase is all about thinking, discussing, planning, and lining things up for your rollout. 

  1. Take the Back to School class.
  2. Define your timing - when to start the annual back to school process to ensure the best participation with the LEAST amount of work. 
  3. Print any reports you want to save and export data for archiving.
  4. Review your account defaults, parent portal settings and grades.
  5. Review Data Collection and Confirmation settings and emails to be sent.
  6. Optionally, setup your online store if you wish to collect membership, donations, etc. when parents are entering or updating.  Highly recommended as this is a high engagement time when the majority of parents will visit your store!

Phase 2 - Summer: Execute your plan! Graduate, Confirm, Invite, Renew Memberships and Promote Engagement.

While most of your thinking and work were done in Phase 1, these essential steps are when it all happens. Press the buttons and roll out your system for a new school year! 

  1. Request the graduation process.  We'll do a quick view of your account and graduate and promote your students for you.  Typically takes just 24 hours
  2. Optionally update your faculty for rosters
  3. Optionally import new families from your student information system or request a promotion from a feeder school
  4. Send the confirmation email to your returning families and schedule reminder email(s).
  5. Ask new families to add themselves into your account and accept.  Use your Join Code or direct link in email, flyers, etc.
  6. Determine who can view your directory and update Parent Portal settings accordingly
  7. Create Portal Accounts (login credentials) for any parent or faculty member who doesn't yet have one. 
  8. Educate parents on the value in registering and using the MySchoolAnywhere mobile app to quickly and easily contact fellow parents, purchase items from your store or volunteer. 
  9. Data Housekeeping. Analyze and correct any duplicate records and bad email addresses in your system.