May 2016 MORE Store Updates

We know that collecting money for membership, donations, etc. is the lifeblood of your organization.  To make it as easy as possible, we've made a few new improvements to the online store.

Improved Layout

Today's online stores need to wow your buyer with a nice visual layout, graphics and easy to use functions.  We've updated both the online and mobile stores to give them a more modern look and feel.  You'll also find the desktop version, with it's popup window, is much easier to navigate.   To get a demo, use the direct link demo below.

Now parents or faculty can access your store via a direct link for your account.  They just put in their email and it takes them directly to your online store.  This is a super handy way to link to your store from your website!  

Here is an example:   Click HERE and put in the email address =  You'll be taken to our sample store.  

To get your account link, go to Account Settings / Store and Website link.  Copy the complete link for use.