Room Parent Emailing

The Room Parent email feature that allows you to easily assign parents to a teacher and send email without having to give them admin rights.

  • Easily assign parents to one or many teachers as room parents.
  • Parents simply login to the parent portal and go to the Room Parent Email feature, compose their email and send.
  • Send to selected parents in the class or all and optionally include the teacher in the email blast.
  • All email sent is posted to your account's email history so you always know what they sent.

Assign Room Parents by following these steps.  You can also watch the 2-minute video below to learn how to set this feature up.  

  1. Go to People / Parents  
  2. Search for the room parent by name.  
  3. Choose the Action Button.  Select Assign Room Parent.  
  4. Choose the class(es) you wish to assign to this room parent and save.  

We've also added a section in the  Parent Guide to provide your Room Parents with instructions.