After Import Review

After your import is completed, it's good data practice to review the following to ensure data accuracy:

Duplicates family entries

Our import routine tries to match entries within the template as well as with families in your Active Family listing (under People/Families). We do this based on matching the Family Last Name plus Parent emails. If the data does not match up to an active family based upon this criteria, the family will be added.  However, this doesn't guarantee that you won't get a few duplicates. In order to clear these, please do the following:

  • Go to the Report and Print menu and run the Potential Duplicate Families / Students reports (at the bottom).
  • Go to People / Families and look up the families on the report.  You may need to either delete duplicate families or combine (by adding the students) into one family.  

Duplicate student entries

Our import also checks to see if a student is already listed in an active family. We first match the Incoming entry (from the import) to an Active family. Once we find a match, we then check to see if the student in the Incoming entry matches a student in that Active family. This is done two different ways:

  1. Checks that the same student name does not already exist in the Active family. 
  2. Checks that a student with the same grade is not already in the Active family. This check is done because often times the names are spelled differently. For example, the Active family may have student Michael in grade 2 while the import template has student Mike in grade 2.

You will find a listing of potential duplicates by going to the following menu item: Home / New Families to Accept / View Imported Families.

How to clearing Duplicate Student Entries

For item #1 above - verify that this is a valid duplicate, then delete the entry from the Imported Families listing

For item #2 above:

  • verify that this is not a duplicated student (typically a twin)
  • add the student to the Active Family entry (under People / Families - then click the Actions button and select Edit Students)
  • delete the entry from the Imported Families listing