Setting up a PayPal account

What type of PayPal account do you need?

The system requires you connect your account with a Business account.  Business accounts are free and have the benefit of allowing you to get the non-profit rates available from PayPal if you organization is a 5013c.  

PayPal settings to enable

There is only one setting you need to enable when connecting your account.  It's called  Instant Payment Notifications (IPN).  This allows PayPal to send your MSA account instant notifications when a payment has been received.  This ensures that their payment is recorded in the Sales log and all membership updates, if applicable, are processed.  

To enable IPN, log into your PayPal account and to to Profile / Profile and Settings.  

  • Click on My Selling Tools.  
  • Under the section "Getting paid and managing my risk" you'll see the Instant payment notifications option to update.  Click Update and the Choose IPN settings. 0
  • Click Receive IPN messages (Enabled) and put in as the notification URL.  Save.