Data Housekeeping

After family data is confirmed and updated during your Back To School rollout, you'll want to run a check for possible loose strings with your data.  We provide standard Administrative Reports to assist with this, found under Print and Report.  

Unassigned Students

If your school assigns teachers or teaching groups to students, check to see if any students remain unassigned to a class.  These students either need to be assigned or no longer attend your school and should be deleted from your system.

If you have access to Class Lists:

  1. Cross reference the unassigned students to your class lists.  Assign any students found on class lists to teachers using Class Rosters.  
  2. After this has been done, it's a good idea to review any remaining unassigned students with your school office.   to understand why these students It's likely many are no longer enrolled in your school and should be removed from your system.  

If you do not have access to Class Lists:

  1. Consider first sending a follow-up Confirmation Email to parents who have confirmed but still have at least one unassigned student.  Ask them to please assign a teacher to their students.  Many will confirm as part of doing so.  Build your Email List by Data Confirmation and choose "Confirmed - No Teacher Assigned" from the sub-menu.  
  2. Any remaining unassigned students should be reviewed with your school office.  Those no longer enrolled should be deleted. 

It's not a security concern that unassigned students remain registered.  Rather it's a matter of striving for truly clean data that reflects only currently enrolled students and families. 

Potential Duplicate Records

Parents may have registered their family or students twice.  To check for such errors, run Administrative Reports for Potential Duplicate Families and Potential Duplicate Students.  Compare these reports with your data.  After completing your analysis, remove any duplicate data.  

Families Opting Out

You may have confirmed families that have opted-out from appearing in print AND online.  These families will not appear in the directory at all.  This may have been their intention but it also could be the result of a misunderstanding.  Consider reaching out to these families to ensure this was what they intended.  The simplest way to do so is to create a short and simple data confirmation email.  In your note, explain this circumstance and provide the data confirm link as an option to make changes if this was not their intention.  If it was their intention, no action is needed.  Send the email by Data Confirmation to "Confirmed Opting-out of both Print and Online".  

Families Not Confirmed

Families who have not confirmed may leave you wondering if they are still enrolled in your school.  Some Opt-In schools may choose to work through their unconfirmed families in an effort to gain their permission to have them appear in the directory.  Some schools are willing to take the extra time to reach a high level of confirmed families.  Whichever your reason, using the Families Not Confirmed report will provide you the tool to follow-up with these families. 

If you are looking to simply confirm these families are still enrolled in your school, share the list with your school office.  Ask them to review and provide enrollment feedback.  Families who are no longer enrolled should be deleted.  

If you're looking to achieve higher participation or confirmation statistics, this report will provide you phone and email address information to contact unconfirmed families.  Referring to the parent and student names will make your conversations flow smoothly.  As you can see in the image below, the report also includes checkboxes to update the family's display preferences.