Guest Store Purchases

As you probably already are aware only faculty or parents with an email address in your account can access your school's store.  This makes it super easy to track all purchases back to your families and teachers.  However, there are times when other folks in your community wish to give you money for donations, events, etc.  

We recommend the following workaround for folks that don't want to register OR if you don't want them to register.  It involves creating a "guest" family / parent with a generic email that can be used for access to the store.


  1. Add a "family" with the last name of Store-Guest.  
  2. Add one student with the name of "student1".  
  3. Add a parent with the name of parent 1 and use your account email as the email address for this parent.  The email isn't important in as much as it will be an email that you provide "guests" to use when they proceed to your store.  The admin email is best as the person can contact you via that email.
  4. Create your products. Optionally, you could create a category and have products just for Guests or Community.  This way you can put in a memo field for additional information rather than asking for a student name. 

How to implement:

  1. Get your website store link from your account under Account Settings / Store and add to your site.  You'll see this in our DEMO template here:
  2. Put a note next to the button about the "guest" email to use for checkout.  Make sure you note that this email should only be used by guests and not families that are in yuor system as the purchases won't be tied to their family record. ALL purchases made with this email will "credit" the Cart-Guest family. 
  3. Your PayPal account will show the actual details and credit card information of the purchase AND the purchaser will get a receipt from PayPal as well

We will be looking at other options in the future.  However, most folks don't want the donors in their account and are just looking for a way to allow them to purchase and this "guest" option works really well.