January 2017 - New Sales Reporting View

Wondering where all the tabs went when you had to search for sales transactions?  We've updated and simplified the method for reporting sales to make it much easier to search, sort and report!

  • NEW Report.   Click the new Report and Export link to view the export and reporting options by family, faculty as well as receipts based upon the search criteria you've entered.
  • One consolidated view of all sales for families and faculty.   All sales display in one list with an option to select Families, Faculty or all. 
  • NEW Receipts.  You can now print receipts based upon your search criteria.  Receipts print one per family for the sales shown.
  • Sorting!  This improved view allows sorting of ALL transactions by last, product title, total and date.  (The old view had a family grouping that limited the sorting feature.)
  • We've color coded the last name to indicate who the product was sold to:  black for families (parents and students), green for faculty and light gray to indicate that the family is no longer in your account.
  • Improved export with reorganized columns.  The export is now organized in logical columns so you can quickly find the information you need.  
  • Initial filter shows the last 90 days first.

  • Report and Export menu shows reporting options