February 2017 - Signup Improvements

This month we made the following upgrades to our Signup feature:

  • Faculty can now signup and view
  • Improved UI for admin
  • HTML enabled Event descriptions
  • Multiple signups for one activity
  • Display of comments when showing others signed up 
  • Better exports

Faculty signups

Faculty loved to get involved as much as parents!  Your faculty can now access all the same easy to use signup features that your parents can.  In addition, you can easily see and add faculty to any signup list. 

Improved UI for Admin 

While we want parents to manage their own signups, we also know that you have to add folks as well.  We've improved the feature that allows you to assign volunteers and make it easier to see what they have already committed to.

HTML enabled Event description

While it's great to have all volunteering opportunities on one page, it's important to help our volunteers quickly spot events that apply to them.  This is where our new HTML feature comes to the rescue! 

You can now add color and size to your fonts, include links and, for those a bit more tech savvy, even include an image.  For example:  let's say you add a bold blue headline for all volunteering opportunities that can be done from home.  Or add Green to spice up the headline for your Carnival.  This new HTML description makes it super easy!

Multiple signups for one activity - great for Potlucks!

You can now set any activity up so that the volunteer can signup more than once.  

Comments Display to others

Any comments entered will be displayed along with the volunteer's name.  

Improved exports

We've removed columns you don't need and reorganized what you do to make it easier to report.