March 2017 - Daily Account Activity Notifications

You've got mail!   Stay on top of all the activity in your account via email!  Set up to 3 people to receive daily activity notification emails.  These notifications will provide a summary of activity for the prior 24 hours for the following:

  • New - Store notifications
  • New - Event notifications 
  • Improved - New family and data confirmation entries

Store Notifications

This notification is triggered when a product is purchased in your store.  Go to Account Settings / Store and Activate to set up.

Event Notifications

This notification is tied to a specific event and is triggered when a person signs up for an event or removes themselves.  

Go to Signups / Manage Events and select an Event.  You'll see a new tab called "Notify Me".  Click on this tab to add persons to receive notifications.

New Families and Data Confirmations Notifications

This notification is triggered when a family either adds or confirms their family contact information.  Go to Account Settings / Data Collection and Activate